Z-Boat 1800

Remotely-Operated Survey Boat
If you are looking for a reliable, accurate, and surveyor-tested remote survey system then the Oceanscience Z-Boat 1800 is the only choice. With echosounders selected specifically for use on a remote vessel, the Z-Boat 1800 can be configured to suit every survey challenge and budget. The NEW side scan option brings crystal clear bottom imagery to the Z-Boat 1800 system.

Designed for Surveying
The Oceanscience Z-Boats are designed with the surveyor in mind. The hull shape, propulsion, radio communication, and sonar instrumentation combine to offer an easy to use and powerful option for the hydrographic surveyor or land surveyor wishing to complete inshore hydrographic work. The Z-Boat offers unmatched convenience for jobs where access to the survey area is poor, or conditions are unsafe.

Z-Boat 1800 
Hydrographic surveying with CEE HydroSystems echosounders.
Z-Boat 1800MX
Aquatic habitat mapping with BioSonics MX
Z-Boat 1800SS
Bottom imaging with Tritech StarFish side scan sonar.