Riverboat ST
Tethered boat for the RiverSurveyor S5 and M9
Maintains instrument orientation for high-quality data
High-quality, unbreakable hulls and outriggers
For use with the SonTek RiverSurveyor S5 or M9 instruments
Easy plug-and-play operation

The Oceanscience Riverboat ST is specially designed for the SonTek S5 or M9 acoustic Doppler current profilers. The trimaran design provides excellent stability and maximizes data quality in a wide range of water velocities and surface conditions. High velocities and standing waves, often problematic with other deployment options, may be handled with more security using the Riverboat ST trimaran.  Made of unbreakable polyethylene, the Riverboat ST is strong and can handle tough deployment conditions. The standard boat configuration accommodates the S5 or M9 with or without the DGPS option. For older SonTek profilers such as the RiverCat and previous generation River Surveyor, the Riverboat ST02 and ST03 trimarans are available.
RiverboatST Tested to the Limit in the Dujiangyan River (China)

Challenging the Riverboat ST with a high velocity measurement using the SonTek M9. Courtesy of SonTek/YSI.