Seafloor Platforms

Rugged Bottom Mount ADCP Frames

Oceanscience was founded on the belief that acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs) must have well designed and effective deployment platforms to be of maximum value to users. The Sea Spider and Barnacle were developed to provide ADCP users with robust and long-lasting seafloor frames that could be trusted to safely deploy this valuable equipment. Over the past 10 years, Oceanscience seafloor platforms have been sold for practically every acoustic profiler available.

Trusted, Tried and Tested

When you need to deploy an ADCP to monitor velocity or waves looking upwards through the water column in a river, estuary, or coastal sea, the Sea Spider and trawl resistant Barnacle 53 or 60P are the platforms of choice. Customized frames are available for additional instrumentation or equipment such as transponders and pop-up buoys.
Sea Spider
Rugged and versatile seafloor ADCP frame
Low profile trawl-resistant seafloor ADCP frame